1. So I have a female friend who does not agree with the feminist movement
  2. She believes women are already treated equal to men
  3. She doesn't think the wage gap is in effect
  4. She doesn't notice the constant objectification of women, in movies or TV or news
  5. We were having a conversation about traveling to a different time period and she said she'd want to be in the 1950's, I said "you wouldn't have any rights" and she said "I wouldn't mind"
  6. She slut shames. She believes modesty is the only way to be
  7. She thinks women get special treatment and that's unfair to men
    "If it's between me and a man for a job at a construction site, the man should get it" I mean, I guess…
  8. She says all these things and I've stood by my feminist beliefs and tried to convince her that there are more progressive views of women's place in society that she simply does not want to see.
  9. And then I heard it. I heard me, a man, telling her how to think.
  10. How backwards am I? Am I contradicting my own beliefs by telling women how to think, even if I think it will better their self-worth as women?
  11. What can I do, or what should I do?
  12. Is it more feminist of me to tell her how to think about feminism? Or is it more feminist of me to let her think negatively about feminism?