1. Ewan McGregor- Actor
    His performance in The Impossible is undeniably moving and incredible, I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the lack of recognition for that performance?? Plus, Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, I Love You Phillip Morris, Young Adam, and Beginners?? He's so consistently great and makes such interesting character choices. So where is his nomination?
  2. Andrew Haigh- Writer/Director
    The way he captures the reality of a budding relationship and delves into its entrancing passion and heart-warming romance while incorporating so much wisdom about life and love. He takes a thin story and expands on it with fully-realized characters. And his camerawork really captures the naturalism of his actors, while also creating a lived-in, sublime atmosphere. Weekend was ignored. And as amazing as 45 Years was, only a Best Actress nom managed to trickle down through the Oscars filter.
  3. Elle Fanning- Actress
    Has proven herself as one of the greatest child actresses ever, by giving consistently mature and articulate performances under a number of different directors such as Sofia Coppola, JJ Abrams, and Sally Potter. With a deep well of sensitivity and understanding of subject matter, she approaches her roles with a grounded, naïve perspective without seeming amateurish. Elle does more than transcend expectations, she sees through her commitment to character with subtlety and passion.
  4. Kirsten Dunst- Actress
    Started out as a child actress and has proven herself countless times as someone beyond one good role. Interview with a Vampire was great, but then she brought Marie Antoinette, All Good Things, Melancholia, The Virgin Suicides, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind to the table and NOTHING! She blends into her characters so well, she makes them sympathetic and understandable while adding so much grace and poignancy to each performance. Plus she was easily the best thing about Spider-Man.
  5. Wong Kar-Wai- Writer/Director
    His films are so lush and beautiful. Quietly moving stories of love and disconnection. In the Mood for Love, Happy Together, 2046, and The Assassin were all incredible and yet nothing!! There are hardly an Asian filmmakers that have won or have been nominated that aren't Ang Lee. And it's not like he hasn't been working for what like 30 years?? Get on it!!
  6. Paul Dano- Actor
    Has a past of creepy characters, and was honestly a little turned-off by him until Love & Mercy, but nonetheless he's a great young actor who is NOT afraid to go dark, and bold, and twisted. But at the same time he has such a distinct look that draws from a very personal well of sadness and heartache that he conveys so well. It's unfair to see his work go unnoticed any longer.
  7. Emily Blunt- Actress
    Nevermind that she's a fucking genre chameleon, like she can do comedy, drama, action, whatever! And yet she has never had a nomination. Sure, she might be nominated next year for The Girl on the Train, but does that make up for snubs like The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, and Sicario?? Not really! I mean, it might but I'm still mad about it. She just knows how to embody a role and register so much emotion in just her face. She's a star and she deserves an Oscar nomination.
  8. Scarlett Johansson- Actress
    This still perplexes me. I mean, how in the fuck did she miss out for Lost in Translation? She was having a dynamite year, she won the BAFTA, the movie itself had such great traction, and then nothing! She's so great, and I'm glad she's having a Renaissance of her own after years of shitty romcoms. She was fantastic in Her, Under the Skin, and is the best thing about Marvel right now. Such an aching vulnerability to her performances, and such a magnificent, alluring screen presence.
  9. Xavier Dolan- Writer/Director/Actor
    Famous for his portraits of complicated characters, selfish, pathetic, and volatile fighting against the perils of love. He evokes such powerful emotions from his actors, and his vision is rendered with such bold artistic choices, it's confusing to me how the Academy is not taking notice?? Even his acting shows potential for a nomination, in both I Killed My Mother and Elephant Song. Plus, he's like ridiculously sexy and charming and I just want him to win one day. Even just for Foreign Feature.
  10. Kristen Stewart- Actress
    I was so not on board with a notion like this about 2 years ago, but she really impressed me with Still Alice. The deeper I explored her work like Adventureland, The Runaways, and even Panic Room, the more talent I saw that was so overshadowed by her Twilight reputation. Then there was Clouds of Sils Maria and it looked like she might have finally broken the mold, but there was no nomination. I think she'll have more chances, but her home is indie because it highlights her skills in naturalism.
  11. Sarah Paulson- Actress
    I am so obsessed with Sarah Paulson, I cry every time she breathes. Of course she's incredible in AHS and ACS, but the Emmys are a WHOLE OTHER PROBLEM!! She's been great in Martha Marcy May Marlene, 12 Years a Slave, and Carol. All small roles that she did so much with. So great at adding a quiet gravity to each line. It's in her voice, and it's in her eyes. I believe it's in her soul. She needs a powerful leading role to really shoot to the top though.
  12. Derek Cianfrance- Writer/Director
    Really great at capturing moments of true desperation and emotional squalor. I mean Blue Valentine tore me to shreds, and The Place Beyond the Pines took a risk in the way it told its story, and it paid off by exploring three different storylines of living up to a legacy. The performances he gets are bare-boned and soulful, and I really hope The Light Between Oceans isn't as stuffy as the trailer makes it seem. Because that acting trio under his direction looks right up the Academy's alley.
  13. Oscar Isaac- Actor
    He really knows how to act from behind a wall. In Inside Llewyn Davis, his character was scared and unsure of his future- he used this soft-spoken deadpan to convey those hidden fears and really make you sympathize with a character trying hard to not admit that he's troubled and confused. It takes a lot of talent to give that kind of layered performance. I'd hoped with a breakout role like that he'd be nominated by now, but he was ignored. As was A Most Violent Year. But there's still hope!
  14. Shailene Woodley- Actress
    What some might write off as yet another it-girl, I see Shailene Woodley as a wonderfully gifted, charismatic actress. She gave a stunning, tender-hearted performance in The Spectacular Now. She stole the show in The Descendants, and then completely went above and beyond expectation for the level of complexity that YA film adaptations require in The Fault in Our Stars. An incredible young talent, who should've been given a nomination years ago, and will hopefully continue to do amazing work
  15. Denis Villeneueve- Director
    The way he composes a shot is incredible, because he shows so much care for character dynamics. The tone he conveys is so cohesive and tangible through his camerawork. And the casts in each of his movies have all been aces. He's a master at capturing suspense and tension, and using his camera to explore the psychology of character or shine a light on themes prevalent in the story. You could count Incendies' nom for Foreign Feature a nomination, but he needs to be recognized as an individual.
  16. Scott Neustader and Michael H Weber- Writers
    Lately I feel like they've been cashing-in on the YA novel adaptation game, but they nonetheless create compelling stories. (500) Days of Summer was a fucking masterwork in structure, working through flawed characters, and exploring the mystery of relationships, and yet it went ignored. And The Spectacular Now was lovely and poignant, and yet they were still snubbed. Hopefully their return to original projects will give them the spotlight, but if not I'll always be a fan.
  17. Ava Duvernay- Writer/Director
    While Middle of Nowhere was too small a film to really be acknowledged by the Academy, I wholeheartedly stand up for her work on Selma. Not as a coattail nom, but because I genuinely think her direction was the best thing about that film. The scene of the attack on the bridge was masterful, and the emotions conveyed never felt contrived. I hope she gets more work, because her personal touch is too special to go unnoticed.
  18. Lance Acord- Cinematographer
    Great at capturing those kind of hazy, glowing kinds of lighting. His cinematography really fits the tone of the story. From the wistful, glimmering world of Where the Wild Things Are, to the pale and lonesome romance of Lost in Translation, he deserves to be recognized for his abilities.
  19. Jennifer Aniston- Actress
    When she goes for it, then she can really act the hell out of a well-written dramatic role. She came so close with Cake, and I honestly wish she got it. But the real tragedy was snubbing her for Mike White's The Good Girl, where she's much more stripped-down, lonesome, and natural than past roles. She has such a public persona to work against and yet her abilities can take an audience to a place where Jennifer Aniston the celebrity doesn't exist, and Jennifer Aniston the actress does.
  20. Peter Sarsgaard- Actor
    Let's see, Kinsey, Shattered Glass, Garden State, Jarhead. That's quite the sizable list of nomination-worthy performances don't you think?? He's not the showiest actor, which is a real strength considering his independent roots. With a soft-spoken aptitude for relaying deep thoughts, and eyes that sparkle with emotion, he's got the chops for A-list status. Get on it, Academy! Maybe he and Maggie Gyllenhaal need some kind of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf-type film. I would kill to see that.
  21. Rosemarie DeWitt- Actress
    Rachel Getting Married? AMAZING. The best Supporting Female role I've ever seen. So so good. I can't even make a better case than that movie alone. Also, Your Sister's Sister. She's just great in even the smallest of roles.
  22. Joe Wright- Director
    Honestly baffled by how he missed out on Atonement, considering that's like the most Oscar-pandering-iest movie ever, and also it's fucking gorgeous. It's like he takes a basic period piece and dresses it up in silk and shine. It's incredible the amount of detail and just plain beauty he adds to every production. Even if his images lack resonant meaning beyond aesthetics, it's still a bold directorial choice.
  23. Donald Sutherland- Actor
    He's been outrageously snubbed by the Academy for too damn long! Ordinary People and Don't Look Now we're more than worthy of a nomination. Even his deliciously venomous portrayal of President Snow in the Hunger Games saga could've made for a very inspired, rectifying nomination for his many years of filmmaking. I'm sure there'll be an Honorary Award some time in his future, but will it excuse his many snubs?? (maybe)
  24. Jeff Nichols- Writer/Director
    Really great a character studies. Take Shelter was an amazing glimpse into the unraveling psyche of Michael Shannon's character (who also should have been nominated), and then he released the down-to-earth, and heartfelt Mud. Currently showing is Midnight Special, which has the subject matter only Nichols' eye for the astonishing, but the ear for naturalism could handle.
  25. Sally Potter- Writer/Director
    I really wish her work was more widely noticed. Ginger & Rosa was such an underrated gem, and Yes is a masterful achievement in storytelling, as its entire dialogue is written as poetry. While Orlando managed to score some tech noms, her ingeniously inventive stories about women has gone unnoticed by the Academy. I hope she keeps working, because she's truly a treasure to behold.
  26. Ziyi Zhang- Actress
    She came so close with Memoirs of a Geisha! And I honestly can't think of an Asian actress that has been nominated in a lead role. Then there's House of Flying Daggers, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that they could have nominated her for, but nope! She's an extraordinary actress, and I wish she would be recognized, because I don't want her to quit working like Maggie Cheung, another outstanding Asian actress.
  27. Hoyte Van Hoytema- Cinematographer
    Beautiful color palettes, and a really diverse range of moods. Aside from Her, he's also worked on Let the Right One In, Interstellar, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  28. Lynne Ramsay- Writer/Director
    Incredible visual artist, and all her films have really powerful performances. She has this way of making these grungy, depressing subject matters and elevating them to a kind of poetry. We Need to Talk About Kevin, Morvern Caller, and Ratcatcher all feature emotionally evocative and dramatic character explorations, and her ability to draw such beautiful moments from tragic stories is deserving of acclaim.
  29. Mads Mikkelsen- Actor
    He gave a truly heartfelt performance in The Hunt, with the intense challenge of carrying the weight of the film under the characterization of a man antagonized by an entire town for a crime he didn't commit, constantly overwhelmed by fear. It's a tough role, and yet Mikkelsen immersed himself in this sympathetic, resilient character. He's more famous for his many villain roles in Casino Royale and Hannibal, but his work in A Royal Affair and Flame and Citron show he's much more than that.
  30. Zooey Deschanel- Actress
    I'll be honest, she doesn't really take on as many dramatic roles, but her performances in All the Real Girls and (500) Days of Summer show how great she is at forming characters. She HAS more dimensions beyond her quirky New Girl persona, but there have been few roles that allow her to show what wonderful range she has.