1. On whether or not a gif we saw of a guy that looked like Josh Hutcherson getting sexy exists on the Internet
    It resulted in a screaming match with aggressive crumping outside our friend's house at 1 AM
  2. On which contact to assign to a number in order to make that person appear on the phone's screen when called
    There was flailing about and yelling and she took me by the collar and shook me trying to get sense into me, also she inadvertently pinched my nipple
  3. That I think she's a 10, and she thinks she's a 6.
    Like to me, ranking people is ridiculous because everyone is perfectly themselves and I can't unsee it that way, but she's all hung up on society's standards which I get but like she's also got incredible hair, the most beautiful eyes, and her personality and brain are flawless???? But there's always lots of tension and aggressive stare-downs whenever we get into it
  4. On whether or not Carly Rae Jepsen is more talented than Justin Bieber, WHICH SHE IS
    It was while I was driving and I almost went into the ditch trying to make my case, my roommates were in the backseat making peace with God
  5. In defense over Shailene Woodley
    I was yelling about how great of a performer she was and at the height of the fight she was pounding fists on the floor yelling "AND THE THIRD THING I HATE ABOUT SHAILENE WOODLEY IS HER STUPID HAIR!"
  6. But honestly I don't think we could ever get into a real fight, and I'm so thankful for that 💚