1. A Febreeze car vent clip that has been empty for 3 months
  2. A shovel in my trunk
    It was for snow, but now it's just on the off chance I need to hide a body
  3. Straw. Wrappers. Everywhere.
  4. A bunch of leaves that I was gonna use in an art project, but I forgot about them in my compartment and now they dead.
  5. No gum, just empty boxes that once held gum that I kept telling myself I'd throw away
  6. My door's pockets stuffed with old receipts and trash
  7. Coins in my cup holder
    It sucks when I need it as a cup holder because I have nowhere to put my coins.
  8. A half-empty can of Diet Dr. Pepper that USED to be in my other cup holder but I had to toss it aside to use the cup holder for another drink
    Cuz I'm not about to move my change.
  9. The faint smell of McDonalds
  10. 2 year-old mints that came with the car via Grandma Bessie
  11. A selfie-taking device hidden behind the seat
    I told myself when I bought it, it would come in handy and I would need it so many times that I should just leave in my car. I haven't used it since I bought a year ago.
  12. Empty plastic water bottles
    Too many to count