Inspired by @MatthewAlmont
  1. The One I Am- Liz Lemon
    Sexually inactive, slobby, probably not as good of a writer as I think, tries too hard to have it all, doesn't really try to put myself out there, glasses. It's all there with none of the charm and all of the stress.
  2. The One I Want to Be- SpongeBob Squarepants
    Positive, perky, good at his job and loving it, best friends with an idiot, goes on adventures and finds time for his hobbies, doesn't care about money, one of the few TV protagonists that is the best part of the show.
  3. The One I'll Probably Be- Billy Eichner in any form of media
    Hot-tempered, constantly on the edge of screaming and collapsing into a tantrum/breakdown, sassy as heck, loud-mouthed, weathered-down capacity for bullshit, gay, pop-culture-obsessed, overreacting and best friends with female comedians is both my dream and destiny.