Some of my favorite lists and reflections on the anniversary of my first list: MY FAVORITE FILMS
  1. Over the course of the year, I feel like I've changed a lot. It didn't happen all at once, but I feel like many of those little changes occurred whenever I came across something on, something that made me pause and think, something that made me laugh, something that changed me even if it was microscopic.
  2. I can't account for all the wisdom I've come across, but I've appreciated the energy here, it makes me feel creative and feeds my brain. I'm still apprehensive to saying I've actually made friends on here, but I'm content being kind of a wallflower. Anyways, here's some of the things I've learned…
  3. How to give a great wedding speech, which for the most part I managed: Rules for Wedding Speeches
    Thanks @charlie
  4. How to get my shit together in the next four years: 25 Ways to Get Sh*t Done by 25
    Thanks @MandyKN
  5. How to manage anxiety in healthy ways: Ways I Manage My Anxiety
  6. How to approach a touchy subject on feminism: MANSPLAINING FEMINISM
  7. That sobriety is normal: I'M NOT DRINKING ON MY 21st BIRTHDAY
    Thanks to everyone who responded.
  8. Grief can be handled with grace and intelligence: THINGS MY FATHER HAD TO DIE TO TEACH ME
  9. To stop being an asshole sometimes: On Snark
    Thanks @aswinn
  10. I've also learned that I'm not going to apologize for the way that I am anymore. I can't change the way I think or feel, but I can change my character. I can treat myself better. I can choose to see the world in a better light. I can make a choice to abstain from what's expected, and I should take those chances to make someone else feel better.
  11. I've found that it's so much easier to be brashly honest and open about what I want and how I feel. I've cut bullshit out of my system, I've spoken out, I've been honest about my feelings. And now I'm not plagued with anxieties about things left unsaid. I say "I love you" with more meaning, and don't worry if they don't say it back.
  12. I've put my effort into letting my loved ones know that I love them in healthy ways. Before, I would put myself down or buy their affection. I've improved my relationships with honesty and genuine affection, I remind myself to maintain those relationships and find something beautiful in them every chance I get.
  13. Most of all, what it's like to be a part of a community. The love and support I received from my coming out list (CAME OUT TO MY PARENTS) changed me. I felt stronger because of it. And I'm so grateful to everyone who was there for me and offered advice and wisdom.
    Thanks everyone!!!
  14. I've held onto this request, I'm very grateful for this and I feel like I never acknowledged it ❤️
  15. This is still my favorite social media platform by far (even if the update made it kinda suck), so I look forward to the next year and all the things I'll learn!