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  8. Me @TheAcademyAwards for a cinematography win
  9. I'm like so amazed at how perfect this film was.
  10. Acting great all around. I can't even pick out the strongest performance. The definition of a great ensemble.
  11. Script touched on themes not often addressed with just the right amount of attention. Never felt forced.
  12. The characters were so authentic, I couldn't believe how much I cared for them by the end. Each of their arcs ended on just the perfect note.
  13. The ending was something else. Satisfying and yet ambiguous and emotional and unexpected. I'm tearing up rethinking it.
  14. I'm honestly in awe that I am living in a time that a movie this amazing was made. Like, I use masterpiece a lot, but this was a Masterpiece™
  15. And it was the first movie I went to all by myself. It was weird, but I'm glad that I picked such an intimate movie for such an act I always feared and never thought I would be independent enough to pursue.
  16. Please go see it.