Usually don't like this stuff, but yesterday was pretty eventful. Inspired by all of you!
  1. Woke up late to pick up my best friend Keyona for lunch.
  2. Went to Moe's Southwestern Grill, I had never been there before but I got coupons from work. I was terrified to order. Just got two tacos.
  3. Saw a girl we went to high school with and pleasantly waved.
  4. We went back to my apartment and watched the High School Musical Bad Lip Reading, some of it was hilarious but they really should stop with the songs. It's funnier when they're talking.
  5. Then we got all nostalgic and watched HSM 2, the greatest sequel ever made (a on the soundtrack's perfection is imminent). And then we were just in a DCOM musical mood, so we watched Teen Beach Movie 2.
  6. We devised a plan to find each other men because our other friends are being annoyingly single, and we don't wanna be anymore.
  7. Somewhere in there we got ice cream and I changed my profile picture to this
  8. After I dropped her off I went to pick up Cody, my other best friend (Renee)'s recent ex-boyfriend. He's leaving town to get away for a year and I wanted to see him off since he has like no one here.
  9. We saw Suicide Squad, it was my second time watching it and never again will I.
  10. I went back and waited up till 1, watching Gilmore Girls and Photoshopping pictures. Around 1:30 I went and picked him up again to take him to the bus station.
  11. He left for Nevada that night with a plan to work on himself, but I really don't want him to get back with Renee. They were bad together. There's nothing there anymore, he just needs to walk away. But I was trying to be sympathetic, so I just kept saying they both needed space.
  12. He kept saying he hoped Renee would be the one to see him off and went on and on about how she's his soulmate. Renee deserves better though. I know it.
  13. I saw him leave on the bus. He gave me the stuffed animal Renee gave him, he wants her to hold onto it till he gets back. I don't think I'll give it to her and hold onto it myself.