1. When you want to lie on your back but you know gross things will drip down your throat
  2. The taste of cough syrup
  3. Eating with a stuffed up nose
  4. Sneezing and a big gross wad comes out your nose
  5. Having to go to work anyway
  6. Using up a whole box of Kleenex in one day
  7. When your nose won't stop running and you need to sleep
  8. When you feel cold for ten minutes and then crazy hot right after you cover up
  9. People telling you how to get better. I'm not new to this, thanks. Not my first rodeo.
  10. When you want to sleep but you can't get comfortable
  11. When you take a pill and the taste gets on your tongue
  12. When someone actually calls you on the phone and your voice sounds like a dying frog's last croak