These are my favorite places to get burgers in NYC. Factors influencing their selection: size of burger (needs to be reasonable not insane), quality of meat, whether they understand what medium rare means and if it comes with fries.
  1. Greenpoint Heights
    Hits on all fronts, delicious grass fed burger, comes with fries and cooked to order. Priced just right and worth the trip to the odd locale.
  2. Old Town Bar
    Classic bar burger don't just right. This place doesn't pretend to be something it's not, they're slinging delicious burgers and fries right along a good selection of beers. Climb those steps, it's beyond worth it!
  3. Whitmans
    Small spot big juicy flavor. Don't take a crowd, in fact, go alone an savor their super tasty burger solo.
  4. Burger & Barrel wine pub
    A bit extravagant and can sometimes miss the mark on "medium rare" but a nice burger for when you're v. hungry.
  5. Black Iron Burger
    Crispy and cooked just right. This place knows how to satisfy your burger craving.