The "knee plays" performed between acts of Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach are some of my favorite music to listen to when I'm working or just like... ~thinking~. Try them all!!
  1. Knee Play 4
    Alternates between this thoughtful, sweet, sort of nostalgic theme and this propulsive intense thing with violins and baritone voices. So so good. Listen while you're weighing pros and cons or something. Duality!!!
  2. Knee Play 3
    It's all voices! Sort of creepy and calm and meditative and rhythmic. Like waves on the shore at dusk. Somehow both spooky and relaxing.
  3. Knee Play 2
    This might be too much to listen to at work. It's... Busy?! But incredibly beautiful. It's just people talking gibberish over this incredible intricate violin part that keeps changing slightly. Sounds like the inside of a computer. Or your head?? For when you need to block out your own thoughts.
  4. Knee Play 5
    There's a really sweet love story that's told over this one, so it's harder to listen to while doing something. But it's a nice reset for your day. A reminder that there are good things out there.
  5. Knee Play 1
    A more regal, structured, formal version of Knee Play 2, sort of. For a momentous occasion.