Did you know you can drink it year round? cc @ashleycardiff
  1. Summer
    You're drinking it all day long, and the day lasts forever because it's, like, right after the equinox or whatever. You feel great. Are you going to feel like this forever? Yes. You are invincible and everything is perfect. Let the rosé flow like water did, before the drought.
  2. Winter
    WHOA WHOA WHOA. Surprised? Hey. This is LA, daddy. Chill out. Just because it's pink doesn't mean it's only kewl 4 the summer. After all grapefruits are pink and they're a winter fruit. Wow. Look at you. Drinking rosé. In January. What a trendsetter! What a rebel! You are definitely going to make it into the Styles section now.
  3. Spring
    So maybe you don't celebrate Easter anymore but probably at some point in March or April or something one of your friends will be like "let's do a potluck brunch!!!!!!" and there will be mimosas. What do you do after you run out of orange juice? Rosé. Summer is coming. You say that and your friends laugh because they think you're referencing Game of Thrones but you've got a secret: you've never even seen it. You sly dog you.
  4. Fall
    Honestly, you're probably better off with something apple-flavored. Tis the season.