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  1. This is Puck.
    He is a wiener dog. He cuddles with me constantly and I do not know why.
  2. He is a cat and sleeps on my hands when I'm doing things
    Seriously I've never known another dog to do this.
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Because it was a busy and exciting kind of day. On a Wednesday no less.
  1. We ate some pretty sweet Jeff Goldblum Independence Day cupcakes while dreaming about what we would do if Jeff Goldblum knocked on our doors wearing a cape.
  2. Went to see an @midnight taping and laughed my ass off
  3. Learned to make gifs such as this one of my favorite musical. 👌🏼 my whole world of creativity has opened up before me because of this knowledge.
I don't like dating, so I haven't had many dates. Here's what I got so far. Others to be added as I slowly begin to realize I need to date more.
  1. Not a bad date, more like a bad boyfriend in general. He insisted his middle name was "Magic", believed he was a Lycan, and made me drink what I believe was watered down Vaseline so I could also be a Lycan. This was the year before high school.
  2. Recently, I went on a date with a guy I really didn't like in the first place. We went to Buca and had a very awkward photo op where the photographer asked if my date could kiss me on the cheek, and I shut him down immediately. He also spent the date trash-talking any Rocky Horror live show that wasn't his own that he directs. 👎🏼
  3. I was a freshman in high school, and I had a boyfriend for about 3 months. He was feeling sad, so I suggested he pick me up and we go see a movie. We saw the movie Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, which ends with 9/11, and my BF cried. It was a fine date, but I remember that it was raining that day and later that night I broke up with him.
It's Sunday! I volunteered for Geek and Sundry's 24 hour live stream benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and a lot of craziness went down. Overall I am so grateful to have been part of something that was so big and so fun, and in the end G&S raised $77,000 to MDA! Here's a recap in list form of all the craziness done for charity:
  1. Chemistry magic, and later re-creating "slimer" from Ghostbusters in a beaker.
  2. The most INCREDIBLE improv troupe destroying and reimagining the story of the gingerbread man in the Avengers
  3. NEEF WARS. Enough said.
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A good starter list to introduce me to the world of li.st. Hopefully these are interesting to you all.
  1. This is Puck, he is my roommates dog. I take a million photos of him, since he is literally the sweetest dog I've ever met, and he likes posing :3
  2. My cousin Emerson. His school put on a production of The Lion King, and this was taken after his last show. He looks concerned, I am not sure why.
  3. Taken at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. I went there for a signing and got excited about the signed Tales of Halloween poster behind the counter. (I got my own poster that day 👍🏼)
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