Five Happy Moments From Yesterday

It's Sunday! I volunteered for Geek and Sundry's 24 hour live stream benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and a lot of craziness went down. Overall I am so grateful to have been part of something that was so big and so fun, and in the end G&S raised $77,000 to MDA! Here's a recap in list form of all the craziness done for charity:
  1. Chemistry magic, and later re-creating "slimer" from Ghostbusters in a beaker.
  2. The most INCREDIBLE improv troupe destroying and reimagining the story of the gingerbread man in the Avengers
  3. NEEF WARS. Enough said.
  4. Huddling around watching THREE HOURS of Critical Role, wherein they raised $15,000 in the first 45 minutes
  5. Puppies and a baby re-enacting scenes from Spaceballs. If that doesn't win you over, nothing will.