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These are tv shows that I just watch over and over again. I never watch anything new because these are too good to stop watching.
  1. The Office
  2. Parks and Rec
  3. Bob's Burgers
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  1. Nickleback, Chevelle, Hoobastank, and Hinder. All at the same time
I had a lot of feelings. This isn't necessarily just songs from 13. This is more ages 13-16. There are many more songs that can trigger this particular nostalgia; this is just a small sampling
  1. Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance
    This song works very efficiently to turn back the clock. Suddenly, I have a very choppy hair cut and raccoon-lined eyes.
  2. Reinventing Your Exit - UnderØath
    You've got me up against your wall
  3. Call it Karma - Silverstein
    The song dedicated to that one person You Just Can't Quit but you have to because soon you'll be going to different high schools
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  1. Practical Magic
    Alice Hoffman's book is just too lengthy for the actual story and awkwardly timed. Watch the movie, it's much better
  2. Fight Club
    Chuck Palahniuk only knows how to write one plot line
I have been literally living in denial that I need repairmen for things
  1. The washer drain line underneath the slab the house is built on
    Because it is rusted shut
  2. The wiring in the bathroom
    Because I have been using a desk lamp with a clamp fixed to the actual light fixture for lighting for two years
  3. The climate controlled air conditioner
    Because last summer I used a window unit and paid so much extra money on my utility bill
  4. Ceiling fan remotes
    Because they have been on constantly for four years because the remotes quit working and we can't turn them off
  1. The story is over
  2. Please stop
  3. I guess the general public is just gonna let Jo ruin this
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My favorite Gadsden flag memes
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
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Any questions you have I will text my dad and post a screen shot of his reply. He has been in family practice medicine for +25 years. He is also in MUCH better shape than I am.
  1. No root vegetables
  2. No potatoes, corn, wheat, or rice
  3. No sweets
    Dark chocolate is okay
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  1. Holy shit
  2. Holy fucking shit
  3. I'm gonna crap my pants
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