1. Holy shit
  2. Holy fucking shit
  3. I'm gonna crap my pants
  4. How are they going to tie in Pawnee with Leslie being the governor
  5. Ann and Chris better be involved
  6. If they don't bring back Pawn Shop Guy I will be sorely disappointed
  7. RIP Harris
  8. What if it's not as good
  9. What if the story is already told, and there isn't anything beneficial to add
  10. I will never be able to unhear Chris Pratt's name as Crisp Rat
  12. I need more heartwarming Ron/Leslie time coupled with Buddy by Willie Nelson
  13. Tynnifer needs to come back
  14. So does Oren
  15. Where the heck is Mark
  16. Story line between Jack Dwyer and the Knope-Wyatt triplets