Random things I don't longer need

I've moved to my new flat before the start of uni and it has taken me ages, partly because I want everything to have its own unique place, mostly because I can't be bothered, while doing this I came up with a list of random things I don't need anymore.
  1. My selfie stick?
    Everytime I take it with me seems like the only thing im doing with it its taking it to places around London, just because I'm always too embarrased to be seen with it or ask someone to be in a selfie with me but then again...
  2. Everyone's opinion of me
    Mate I'm 22, I feel like it's time for me to stop giving up so much of my energy on wondering what are people thinking of me. Most of the times they aren't even doing it. The selfie stick stays.
  3. My ex's post-it note after I drunk- called him for help when I was having a bad night.
    I still have it cause after that night I needed it, but we never worked, and in fact that note, as cute as it was, its just a reminder of me not being able to say no to people and asking for help when I don't really need it.
  4. Feeling guilty for everything I do
    Feeling guilty is natural but is absolutely useless. It won't make the sofa your friend help you carry lighter, it won't make my dad spend less money, nor my friends or me feel better. Bye, bye.
  5. Being worried about the future.
    Dude, you made it and you still will, things always somehow worked out by themselves if you work hard enough and you really want it. Besides just like guilt, worry is absolutely useless.