1. Quirky rings.
    Cause inspiration comes from everything and after all I do write with my fingers.
  2. All my books; the ones I read, half read or that have never been read.
    They give me comfort and the hope that maybe one day I will own nearly as much books my parents did before it all went wrong.
  3. Being sad when I feel sad.
    In order to "get over it" I first need to process it and feeling it is part of the process.
  4. Old flyers and memorabilia.
    Cause they're a reminder that I once could and I still can.
  5. My Captain Morgan hat.
    Because why not (Also I'm a Drama student, you never know)
  6. The sign my best friends from back home made me before my life changed completely.
    Because that's where all started.
  7. My rock in a shape of a heart.
    Because what are the odds.
  8. To remind myslef to call my friends and family.
    Cause at the end of the day they're all I got.
  9. To bring my stuffed animal of a duck whenever I go traveling.
    Because we've been together since forever.
  10. To bring a book or notepad with me wherever I go.
    Even when I usually end up not using them at all.
  11. Postcards of paintings I can go watch live.
    Cause art inspires me and I just don't have the energy or time to go daily to the Tate or the National Gallery. Plus it reminds me of the time in my life I first saw that art.
  12. My Christmas lights.
    Cause they make me feel like i'm in a movie about being young and they make everything look better, as light often does.