1. One day, some day I'm going to stop existing on planet earth.
  2. I'm scared I won't be successful.
  3. I'm scared I'm going to have to leave the UK.
  4. I'm scared of something suddenly happening to my parents.
  5. I feel low key guilty about being so far away from home
  6. There's a big chance I might die alone
    And as much as being single doesn't bother me the idea of no one wanting me ever for a long period of time, that I reciprocate, does
  7. There's so much I haven't live
  8. I do wanna be truly, madly, deeply, crazy, grossly in love.
    Emphasis in the truly
  9. I'm scared that the things I have left undone are just a pattern to follow
  10. There's so much shit I want to do
  11. I really wish I didn't think of money as much as I do
  12. The world sometimes really sucks
  13. There's so much I want to learn
  14. There's so much I disagree about
  15. And there's so much I'm doing nothing about