Guaranteed to be accurate or your money back
  1. You think Kristen Stewart is either bi or gay
    You would risk your life on that belief as well
  2. You listen to Tegan and Sara even though you know they aren't that good
  3. You have seen every episode of the L Word
    You're especially gay if you've seen every episode even though you HATED it.
  4. You only see girls in a room
    I probably have seen a boy about 50 times today. But there's no real way to know.
  5. You catch yourself wondering who is the Ellen and Portia in the relationship
    I'm always the Ellen.
  6. You're gay-dar is always on
    Or at least on standby.
  7. Hoping every girl with short hair you see is gay
    And not a random str8 with a "bold" hairstyle.
  8. You find yourself putting your fingers inside everything
    Even silly putty.
  9. Meet a straight girl and automatically create a formula on how to turn her
    (Pure luck x vulnerability) / time = success
  10. You find yourself owning more snapbacks than your brother
  11. You've spent over 2 hours watching RoseEllenDix on YouTube.
    On purpose.
  12. Your ring finger is longer than your index finger
    There is no scientific data for this. But there should be. I'm applying for grant funding next fall.