As told by a 19 year old who thinks she knows close to everything.
  1. Let go
  2. Self victimizing only guess what.. Hurts yourself
  3. Everything changes
  4. Everything is impermanent
    Hence, suffering and the pleasant
  5. Grow from other people's mistakes
    Prevents you from doing the same. Essentially: time saver and tear saver
  6. Money buys happiness
    Choose what you buy. You could end up with a bunch of shit in your room but empty inside.
  7. Fattiness is relative.
    You're not that fat. And who cares anyways. Love yourself and eat that chicken tender sub.
  8. People hate being wrong
    Don't be afraid to be wrong. It's natural. You aren't Google. Learn from the mistake so you won't be wrong next time. And if someone refuses not to be wrong, correct them. CORRECT THEM.