To understand why people to the crazy things, you must realize the reasoning behind their actions and words. People do crazy things for 3 reasons. It may seem twisted, subtle, obvious, or misguided; but this is the core to every relationship conflict between two or more people. Solving conflict begins with understanding human nature.
  1. What drives people:
  2. Money
    Why they want it: to provide, protect, easily find happiness, to prove their worth
  3. Things
    To fulfill an emptiness in another aspect of their life or to prove their personality
  4. Power
    Felt neglected as a child, to prove their worth
  5. Why they want it:
  6. Love
    From strangers, loved ones, haters, and themselves
  7. Acceptance
    From strangers, loved ones, haters, and themselves
  8. Attention
    From strangers, loved ones, or haters
  9. Always figure out what someone is trying to prove to you and themselves
  10. Figure out what you want to prove to others
    And do it subtly
  11. Fear
    Lack of security, amount of change, the unknown, or insecurity