❓Is this what you are feeling?💖
  1. First off, love is not just one emotion, it's an aggregate of emotions rolled up into one.
    Love is a Stromboli. It's the pepperoni, the sausage, the cheese, the sauce, and the crust.
  2. Abstractly, it's as if a blanket is being tossed right around your heart
  3. Realistically: euphoria
  4. True happiness
  5. Stress free
  6. Anxiety free
  7. Safeness
  8. Calmness
  9. And lastly
  10. Peace
  11. Do you feel ALL of these things or some?
    If you answered all: congratulations, you're fucked. If you answered some: there's still hope, run while you can. Now it just matter in which direction you go, into their arms or away from everything they know. Good luck!