and whoever said rhyming poems sound forced, clearly has not read a good poem in a while
  1. Free-Verse (FV) Has that lack of structure that crosses the lines between stream of consciousness and laziness
  2. FV does not challenge the poet, it merely aids her/him to write the first thing that comes to mind.
    Where is the art in that?
  3. FV ironically makes it harder for the reader to see the image or feeling being portraying.
    This is because these poets use metaphor so much that their idea comes off abstract. Metaphor is overused in free-verse as it is what seems to be, the only literary device they use.
  4. PostModern poetry is so vastly contrasting to any other form of poetry, I think it should not be a sub-genre but rather own genre in literature.
    Cuz damn.
  5. PostModern poetry are basically personal essays separated in stanzas
  6. Conclusion: PM and FV are the hippies of the poetry world.
  7. Concluding opinion: poetry should have literary devices, structured in meter and have at least some rhyme.
    Call me old fashioned but, that's why poetry was created. The challenge of form, is the art. What is art without challenge? Without struggle? Oh, it's called Free-Verse. And anybody can fucking do it.