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Cuz we know it wasn't Dan!
  1. Jenny Humphrey
    Jenny was the most obvious choice for this. She was so obsessed with being popular and rich that it makes sense she would have an entire blog dedicated to the people she wanted to be like. Maybe if she hadn't gone psycho it would've been her
  2. Dorota
    Dorota was literally always around and Blair told her everything. It would not have been a stretch to make her Gossip Girl
  3. Eric Van der Woodsen
    Not the most solid choice, but it wouldn't have been hard for him to be Gossip Girl. Being Serena's brother he would have access to all the info he needed to run that blog, and he proved he wasn't above being sneaky when he tried to humiliate Jenny.
Excluding That Summer and Dreamland bc those sucked
  1. 1.
    Dexter - This Lullaby
    Obv Wes was cuter, but Dex had way more personality. In my opinion he was the best male character out of all of her books
  2. 2.
    Wes - The Truth About Forever
    Wes was honestly perfect. He just wasn't as good of a character as Dexter
  3. 3.
    Mac - Saint Anything
    There was not a single thing wrong with Mac either
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  3. Kris Jenner during her KUWTK storylines
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