First time in Seattle or looking for something appetizing to fill that traveler's belly? Start with this list of delicious to do's that'll just about cover 2-3 days of non stop sightseeing and fooding
  1. Pike's Place Public Market - see them do the fish toss right at the main entrance. Can't get more touristy than that. Roam the halls of local grocers, fish and seafood stalls, bakers, and random knickknacks
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  2. Pike Place Chowder has some unique variety of award winning chowders, including their Market Chowder, New England Chowder, Seafood Bisque, and Smoked Salmon Chowder. Get the sampler to try a selection of 4 chowders
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  3. Beecher's Handmade Cheese - get the fresh Mac 'n Cheese, a gooey delicious cup of Beecher's cheese over penne. Try their fresh cheese curds and fine cheeses as well
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  4. The Seattle Great Wheel overlooks Seattle waterfront and Puget Sound is a nice addition to your afternoon stroll through Pike's Place
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  5. Toulouse Petit in Lower Queen Anne for a Cajun/Creole-style brunch. Get their beignets to share followed by crab benedicts and duck confit hash
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  6. Biscuit Bitch - Hot Mess Bitch and Cheesy Pork Bitch - get it with garlic grits and shiitake gravy. Do this and don't plan on eating anything else for a few hours
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  7. Cafe Vita in Lower Queen Anne is a cosy place to start your day or to simply enjoy the rainy day indoors
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  8. Cafe Victrola - nice interiors and they have kombucha on tap at this particular location (Capitol Hill, near Starbucks HQ cafe). Seems to be frequented by book lovers and studious types
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  9. Cafe Vivace - shot of smooth, rich espresso and delicious cappuccino. Authentically Italian
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  10. Caffe Ladro can be found throughout the city. Consistent coffee and good selection of hot teas
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  11. Roy Street Coffee & Tea is probably the coziest neighborhood cafes. With ample space filled with couches, tables, and quartered off rooms, there's a comfy nook for everyone
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  12. Radiator Whisky, whisky bar and restaurant inside one of the buildings at Pike's Place. Do the local whisky flight, tator tots with an egg on top, and turkey confit
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  13. Starbucks HQ is the Willy Wonka of them all with a whole roasting setup, open gift shop, two coffee bars and large seating lounges and nooks, and frenetic activity like being on the trading floor of Wallstreet
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  14. Black Bottle, next to Some Random Bar, is a wine and cocktail gastropub. Very hipster decor and a menu that has things like flash fried shishito peppers and cheese-filled Spanish olives
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  15. Umi's Sake House is a swanky gem of a find in a neighborhood full of gastropubs. Try a flight of sakes and the sushi if you can get a table
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  16. Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar - freshest oysters ever - try the Grand Cru varietal and their seasonal baked oysters topped with Gruyere béchamel, spaghetti squash, and diced tomatoes and a glass of Sauvignon blanc
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  17. Hot Cakes if you don't mind sugar overload. Delicious molten lava chocolate cakes in variety of flavors. Try the s'mores version and a glass of vanilla bourbon butter sundae to load on the richness
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  18. Suika Seattle on Capitol Hill has this ramen in a rich, savory black garlic oxtail broth, chewy ramen noodles, and nice cuts of pork. Chef's choice sashimi has a great selection of fresh high quality fish, octopus, and scallop. Highly recommend this on a rainy day (everyday)
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  19. Shiki Japanese Restaurant in Lower Queen Anne is a hole in the wall treasure find. Authentically Japanese with a menu you aren't going to find at any ordinary sushi spot
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  20. Toulouse Petit again for happy hour between 4-6pm. Get the buttermilk fried chicken bites in pepper gravy atop a bed of mashed taters or their Barbequed Shrimp New Orleans with a glass of their Toulouse Sangria
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  21. Seattle Aquarium - do this if you have kids. Do this if you don't, but beware of the little monsters. This one doesn't quite compare to Monterey Bay, but it's got some nice setups
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  22. EMP experience music project museum, conveniently located under the needle and by the monorail entrance. Discover the local music history of Seattle, including the birthplace of artists like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and exhibits on the history of guitar, sci fi, horror, and fantasy media genres, and more
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  23. Seattle Space Needle + Observation Deck - is a do once in a lifetime. Sweet views of Seattle and surrounding areas. At $22/general admission, get the Citypass for $69/pp instead that gets you into 5 main attractions, incl. EMP museum, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle Aquarium, and Arbosy Harbor Cruises and Tour
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  24. Chihuly Garden and Glass museum is a must see, with its organically hand blown and sculpted glass juxtaposed against the natural elements
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  25. Peter Miller Books + Supplies for all you architects and designers. First book on display = Helvetica. You know what I'm talking about!
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  26. Asian Art Museum, located in Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill neighborhood, has a respectable collection of period art and contemporary exhibitions, currently featuring South Korean artists
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