1. DO : I think you're a really funny and talented guy with a really talented and interesting mind and getting to experience even a little bit of how your brain works would be rad.
  2. DONT : there is not a single thing in my brain that is important enough to bother you with. I would never know what to say
  3. DONT : I would want a picture with you because I'm a picture kind of person, and I often doubt half the things I've ever done actually happened. but I would feel way uncool asking you for a picture because I feel like you're not a picture kind of person
  4. DONT : I would probably fall in love, and I've already done that too many times in this lifetime as is.
  5. DONT : It'd probably be obvious how much I love you because I'd be staring at you with heart eyes the whole time.
  6. DONT : honestly, my disliking of my face is a reason. but you can't know that. It's too petty.
  7. DONT : I would want to hug you but I'd be too scared to ask you for a hug because of the risk of hating myself if I got rejected. but I would also hate myself if I didn't ask.
  8. DONT : I'm like a foot taller than you
  9. DO : I'm like a foot taller than you