1. The Office
    literally started watching the series on New Years Day. now my favorite show of all time.
  2. the movie Brooklyn
  3. Milo Ventimiglia
    as an actor and as a person
  4. Mac and Cheese
    It has been a lifelong love, but I only recently realized that if I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be Mac n cheese
  5. Broadway
    speaking of which...
  6. Les Misérables
    I loved it the first time I watched it in 2013 but wow!! I rewatched it a few weeks ago then rewatched it that same week and it's so good.
  7. Grease Live.
    still haven't seen the entirety of the original Grease but I sure loved this. and Aaron Tveit in this. (and these last three all bring me to...)
  8. Aaron Tveit
    as an actor, singer, and person
  9. the movie The Sandlot
  10. dat boi
  11. as a writer, actor, creator, as a person and as Ryan Howard
  12. The Front Bottoms
  13. li.st
  14. as a list maker and a person. just super rad
  15. Gilmore Girls
    I really liked it the first time I watched it. But I really love it so much now #TeamJess
  16. Michael Fassbender
    only as an actor so far. but I'm going to watch some interviews and see how I like him as a person. and with that...
  17. X-men.
    the last three they've made (first class, days of future past, apocalypse) have just been so brilliant. I definitely enjoyed the old movies, as well as all Wolverine movies, very much. But these movies are just great. I love them. Yeah, apocalypse wasn't as good as the other two and was definitely cheesy at times and Apocalypse himself looked constipated half the time, but it was still so enjoyable to watch. @rottentomatoes got this one wrong.
  18. My Friends!!! I love all of my friends so so much and I just realized recently how great they actually are and how much I actually love them!