5 things I love about Mindy Project

you can trust me I know my shows
  1. the legendary guest stars
    james franco, seth rogan, bj novak, all the girls from the office + more my mind just went blank.
  2. the realness
    the way people come together on this show is explained so well. it's not all magic and good timing. finding the right person is complicated.
  3. ike barinholtz
    yes i had to look up his last name but he is basically the Andy Dwyer of The Mindy Project.
  4. funny as hell
    it's the perfect amount of dumb humor and realness that makes me a happy watcher.
  5. mindy kaling is a godess
    one of the funniest women in comedy. shes up there with tina & amy. god bless this show even if i had to hack my friends hulu to watch it.