Albums That Changed My Life

  1. magical mystery tour
    the beatles <3 first album i ever listened to on my dads old turntable
  2. the heist
    macklemore and ryan lewis - when i go back and listen to this album today, it's not as phenomenal as young me believed. however, macklemore spoke about so many current issues and the songs were so meaningful that it's hard not to love. the song "Same Love" was released the day washington legalized gay marraige :) also he constantly references seattle which i love (being from the rainy city)
  3. vikings
    New Politics - this band definitely changed my life. i selected this album because it is the most well known and more people can relate to it, but any of their albums easily stuck with me. It's hard to find music that moves you so much at the right time in your life, and the people in this band are some of heroes. I could go on forever about these little danish rockers, I recommend New Politics to every human :)
  4. American Beauty/Psycho
    Fall Out Boy - great great great album amazing vocals from lead singer patrick stump. i love this band, and this album just shook me at a weird time in my life. gotta love fall out boy.