Big Brother 18 houseguests RANKED

i watch way too much TV but i'm a big brother superfan. here is my houseguest breakdown of bb18.
  1. Nicole
    how is it possible that my all time favorite houseguest is brought back to the new season where only 4 alumni return? im not sure but let me just say jesus is watching over spooky t
  2. Corey
    corey has been getting so much hate because cbs has been editing him to be this dumb hot guy. but im a live feeder, i know how smart he actually is. he was the first to align himself with the veterans and has been really smart with what he has told them. not to mention he wants a showmance with nicole but hes being very smart about not putting a target on his back.
  3. Michelle
    michelle also aligned herself with the right side of the house. shes been very stealthy and shes a superfan. i think this girl can go far.
  4. Paulie
    my favorite player from bb16's brother joined the cast and i couldn't be happier. just like his brother he's a sweetheart. he is one of the few guys who treats all the girls right and he stands up for people in the house so far he's been really smart with his nominations but i don't see him winner bb18
  5. James
    i really love the returners. james was honestly the only bright spot of season 17 so incredibly happy about this houseguest. he's loyal to his alliance and so funny. James is a competition beast and i hope he sticks around long. i do not think he will win bb18. i think nicole and cody wont give him the chance.
  6. Da'Vonne
    bb17 was my least favorite season of big brother ever. however when the brought back this little gem, i realized she was actually a very kind hearted person. when cbs edits her diary room sessions they make her out to be an overly annoying bitch. i soon realized that she cares about the people shes aligned with and she takes the hate to the heart. she said that she wants the money to take the kids in her neighborhood off the streets. i also do not see Da winning this season of bb.
  7. Tiffany
    as much as i hated her sister in bb17 tiff is growing on me. she's very cool and very smart about the way she talks to people. Tiff stays out of showmances and is very pleasant to everyone. i do think that she can be very good to the 8 pack alliance but Frank is gunning for her and she wont last long.
  8. Natalie
    even though she landed herself on josea's side of the house, natalie has proven herself to be the sweetest person in the house. she says having a girl win the show is her main goal but nat doesn't seem to be doing much to help that plan. i would really love to see natalie to well but i think she just isn't smart enough to even make it to jury.
  9. Paul
    paul is actually hilarious. he was a little rude in the first part of the show but he is growing on me. he is just oblivious to what is actually going on in the house. i think he has just never seen the show before and doesn't know how to play.
  10. Frank
    Frank started out really well. he came in and teamed with the good people of the house which was smart. then he started controlling his team, then his alliance, then the whole house! i think he came back in and tried to play the dan and derrick game (if your a fan you know what I'm talking about) which is a smart move he just did not work it stealthily at all. not to mention he calls all the girls sluts and grabs the thick girls asses. i think hes too big of a target to win the game.
  11. Zakiya
    Zakiya is not a very smart girl. she came into the house and immediately attached herself to paulie. so far it seems to be working. Paulie is one of the strongest players in the game. Zakiya is not winning any competitions and is floating her way through.
  12. Bridget
    Bridget came into this game as a total sweetheart. she was baking everyone cookies and trying to be friends with everyone. she started to spy on the girls and kinda turn on people. now shes just franks puppet. bridget is sneaky and a little bit rude. shes not smart enough to win big brother. unless she floats her way to the top.
  13. Bronte
    i don't have much to say. she's not smart, doesn't know the game, and has a terrible alliance with a big target. she is more successful as a floater than as an actual player.
  14. Jozea
    jozea thought he had the entire house. he was so oblivious to not even realize that half of his alliance hated him. HEY BIG BROTHER PLEASE STOP LETTING IN PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW. Know the show or don't play because this is one of the hardest mental and physical competitions there are. I don't hate jozea i don't think he can even get close to winning big brother.
  15. Victor
    vic was just dumb. not much to say. he was rude to the women and played very poorly. i hope to never see him re-enter the house.
  16. Glenn
    oh poor glenn. he got eliminated very very quickly. i don't think he could even re-enter the game because most pre jury battle backs are physical comps which did not suit glenn well.