i have been non stop thinking about the zombie apocalypse. this list isn't even organized.
  1. stay away from high population places
    don't go to schools or hospitals where a mass amount of people could have died.
  2. have alternate ways to listen to music
    when the power goes out and all the phones die i wont be able to keep my sanity without listening to some tunes. for this reason i have my dads old walkman with some old tapes and a pack of batteries.
  3. create a loved ones meeting place
    in zombie land jesse eisenberg goes to Columbus to find is family. but the while time im thinking how do you know they aren't leaving Columbus to find you. my meeting place is the space needle in seattle washington. my family will meet there.
  4. check the dead for resources
    it may be gross but check for ammo, food, car keys, etc. that shit saves lives.
  5. walkie talkies
    if you have to split up with your people use a battery powered source of communication