a list of my favorite movies (as of 10/06/16) (in no specific order)
  1. pi
  2. remember me
    i must have liked this when i first watched it. haven't seen it more than once.
  3. annie hall
  4. moonrise kingdom
  5. fantastic mr. fox
  6. inglorious basterds
    same situation as remember me. i do like brad pitt, quinton tarantino, and mélanie laurent though.
  7. slumdog millionaire
  8. boy
  9. silence of the lambs
    psychological thriller.
  10. beginners
    ewan mcgregor is one of my favorite actors.
  11. short term 12
  12. charlie countryman
    shia lebeouf plays an amazing roll, love everything about this movie.
  13. fight club
    edward norton and brad pitt are so iconic.
  14. exit through the gift shop
    i hate mr. brainwash though.
  15. big fish
    ewan mcgregor at it again. towards the top of the list.
  16. seeking a friend for the end of the world
    similar situation to remember me and inglorious basterds.
  17. hackers
    angelina jolie is wicked hot with short hair.
  18. what's eating gilbert grape
    leonardo dicaprio and johnny depp, two of my favorite actors.
  19. basquiat
    basquiat has played a big roll in my life.
  20. trainspotting
    didn't like this movie at first. re-watched several times, slowly starting to like.
  21. submarine
  22. good will hunting
  23. everybody street
    about new york street photographers.
  24. edward scissorhands
  25. kids
  26. me and earl and the dying girl
    watched this on a plane home with my friend jake and almost cried. need to watch again.
  27. kill bill
  28. the shawshank redemption
  29. the lobster
  30. (500) days of summer
  31. rushmore
  32. comet