thanks irlanda, andrew, gaige, darren, jb, cade, and everyone else who made this festival as fun as it was.
  1. DAY ONE
  2. hinds
    caught the last part of their set. good from what i heard.
  3. homeshake
    never heard of them, great set. got super high and helped two people who fainted by me.
  4. corbin
    one of the people i was most excited to see. did not disappoint. he was more even emotional live than he is one recordings.
  5. rupaul's drag race / alaska thunderfuck
    never heard of either. guess rupaul didn't show up? alaska was funny though.
  6. albert hammond jr
    ate by the stage. wasn't fully invested in the show, fine by what i heard.
  7. violent femmes
    crowd danced like crazy: the good kind though.
  8. tlc
    sat down during this one on the side,
  9. patti smith
    another one i was excited to see, did not disappoint.
  10. king krule
    crowd was super rowdy before the show. stayed close to the front for a few songs, then headed to the back. played mostly new stuff, sounded great. made a joke about the election too, haha.
  11. james blake
    low key have always wanted to see him. put on a great show, great crowd too.
  12. bon iver
    i was most excited to see them. i got to the front row, no one was pushing, they played a great set. fantastic way to end the night. only one bad thing happened: my phone died before their set.
  13. DAY TWO
  14. timber timbre
    not too familiar with them, got front row and they played a good set though.
  15. kali uchis
    low key in love with kali. played a great show, even covered a spanish song that my friend sang along with.
  16. xxyyxx
    irlanda is super good at weaving through crowds so we got front row for this right before he came out. didn't stay too long, great set from what i saw.
  17. gucci mane
    iconic to say the least. moshed, got high, got drunk, and had a great time. thanks guwop.
  18. the drums
    one of the outdoor stages flooded so they were moved inside. i was in the back but they still sounded great. glad to see them again.