Ear Fuel
  1. All the Kings Men
    The official podcast of the Los Angeles Kings. Team TRH are the best bloggers in the NHL, of any sports team, period. The podcasts makes us joyful when the Kings win and laugh through the tears when the Kings lose. Jesse Cohen is an awesome host, long time Kings fan and love his depreciating humor. A Kings fan must.
  2. Nerdist
    This was my gateway podcast. Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira have an awesome dynamic. Great guests from their comedy community and from unexpected realms as well.
  3. Serial
    The podcast that swept the nation surrounding the conviction of Adnan Syed for the murder of his former high school and the questionable legal process that led to it. Sarah Keonig tells an addicting tale that keeps you constantly in constant question. Now lucky listeners can binge listen. Can't wait for season 2!
  4. Criminal
    So much more than a crime and punishment podcast, it covers crime, accusations, societal perceptions and the aftermath. The stories are awesome and they to release more often!
  5. Thx Bud
    Kings fandom from a (couple of) girl's perspective. These girls aren't just gabbing about handsome ranking lists though! They know what they're talking about and started the Trevor Lewis 22 goal celebration tradition!
  6. The Moth
    Great storytellers, telling their stories live. I often sit in the car just a bit longer to hear the end of these tales.
  7. The Mortified Podcast
    "Adults, sharing the embarrassing things they created as kids, before an audience of total strangers. These are the stories hidden inside the pages of our past." This intro perfectly defines the hilarious readings that follow. Hilarious, cause it happened to you too.
  8. How to Be Amazing
    Michael Ian Black interviews awesome people.
  9. The Big Podcast with Shaq
    Hilarious podcast with Shaq and friends. Love the new "Borderline" segment.
  10. Marek vs. Wyshynski
    When I want to listen to gabber about other the rest of the NHL. A humorous, but also insightful hockeycast.