Trying out this app because there's nothing I enjoy more than making lists and this seems pretty cool, I suppose. Here's what's been in heavy rotation for the past week.
  1. Steely Dan- "Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980"- constant repeat. Current fave- "Doctor Wu"
  2. Anything by Donald Byrd. Key tracks- "Think Twice", ""Witch Hunt", "Street Lady"
  3. "Hotline Bling" I blame it on having teens in the house.
  4. Jazz versions of Christmas carols on WNCU- the best, really.
  5. Brian Eno- Ambient 1/Music For Airports
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  6. Oh man...this album is so wonderful and dense. I keep finding new tracks to love every time I give it a spin. Current fave