I keep running across a few in life the everyone else likes, but I don't.
  1. Ham
    I ate too much of it in third grade. Ham sandwiches every day. Ruined it for the rest of my life.
  2. Lamb
    I didn't even have this in third grade. It's just too gamey.
  3. Pearl jam
    Yes, this rhymes.
  4. Nirvana
  5. Tater tots
    I know, right?!
  6. Seinfeld
    (Thanks Ed. I forgot about this one) I wasn't a fan when it was originally on. It's not so bad now.
  7. The Princess Bride
    Flat out annoying. The thought of this movie makes me cringe.
  8. Gin
    I do like tequila though.
  9. Cilantro
    Tastes like soap.
  10. Coffee
    I'm more of a cold drink sort of gal.
  11. Rare red meat
    Do you know how many times this has put me in an uncomfortable situation?
  12. Bowling
    I'll go, drink beer, and watch though.
  13. Phil Collins
    The music, not the man.