It's the most wonderful time of the year! Also known as the start of the NBA season. One of the first games features conference and division rivals, the Cavs vs. the Bulls.
  1. The Bulls have a new coach
    After firing Tom Thibodeau at the end of last season (people believed he was too defense-focused) Chicago brought in Fred Hoiberg. While he used go play for the Bulls, this is his first year as their head coach. A healthy roster will have the Bulls looking similar to last year, so the big difference maker will be Hoiberg's execution.
  2. Love and Rose are IN
    The Cavs lost Kevin Love in the playoffs last year due to a dislocated shoulder. The Bulls, well, are always losing Derrick Rose, most recently to a fractured left eye on the first day of practice. Both are a big presence on the court and having them both back with ramp up the competition.
  3. The Cavs are the favorite to win
    Not only in this game, but they are also the favorite to win the entire Eastern Conference. However, Chicago is full of big names, and potentially a new strategy of attack. If all the pieces can come together, they could distinguish themselves a a challenger for the top spot.
  4. The last time these two played each other was the Eastern Conference Semifinals
    The Cavs defeated the Bulls 4-2 in the playoffs, and Lebron averaged 26.2 points/game that series.
  5. President Obama will be there
    The POTUS/Chicago native is going to tonight's game, and while it's clear who he'll root for, Lebron and the Cavs have still publicized how honored they are to have him in attendance.