Looking to the record books, 4 NFL players had noteworthy performances this week.
  1. Consecutive Completions
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    Ryan Tannehill broke the NFL record for consecutive completions with 25, starting last week and continuing in his game today against the Texans.
  2. Career Rushing TDs by a QB
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    Cam Newton ran for his 37th rushing TD in his Sunday night game against the Eagles, surpassing Michael Vick's previous record of 36.?
  3. Passing Yards
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    Tom Brady became only the 5th QB in NFL history to pass for over 55,000 yards.
  4. Rookie w/500 reception yards in first 6 games
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    Amari Cooper became the 3rd NFL rookie (since the 1970 merger) to have at least 500 reception yards through his first 6 games. The other two are Moss and Boldin.