After Hunter Pence posted a Seinfeld quote on social media, two fans brought signs to his game saying things NYers should never do according to Seinfeld, like "Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork." The trend caught on, and went beyond a tv show. Here are the best ones.
  1. Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork
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  2. Hunter Pence can't parallel park
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  3. Hunter Pence prefers baths
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  4. Hunter Pence still has a Blockbuster card
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  5. Hunter Pence still uses MySpace.
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  6. Hunter Pence cuts his own hair
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  7. Hunter Pence can't whistle
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  8. Hunter Pence hates bacon
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  9. Hunter Pence has sharknado insurance
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  10. Hunter Pence recycles
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  11. Hunter Pence drinks beer through a straw
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  12. Hunter Pence makes rainbow loom bracelets for his teammates
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  13. Hunter Pence wears socks with sandals
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  14. Hunter Pence DVRs Full House reruns
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  15. Hunter Pence thinks Game of Thrones is just ok
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  16. Hunter Pence hates puppies
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  17. Hunter Pence lathers, rinses, does not repeat
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  18. Hunter Pence whispers sorry when he catches a fly ball
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  19. Hunter Pence remembers your birthday without Facebook
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  20. Hunter Pence calls it soda
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  21. Hunter Pence hates 70 degree weather
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  22. Hunter Pence will do absolutely nothing for a Klondike bark
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  23. Hunter Pence reads the iTunes terms and conditions for fun
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  24. Hunter Pence likes his own Instagram posts
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  25. Hunter Pence has an AOL email address
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