This week I...

summer is the busiest, least relaxing time for me and apparently I'm treating September as an extension of summer this year.
  1. went to Kanye West at MSG
    I love Kanye west- new and old. his set was haunting, and both simple and over the top. he had no opener. I spent $70 on a t shirt. he went on stage 90 minutes late but that stage also floated across an illuminated mosh pit 💯💯💯
  2. drank too much rosé
    this is a given as it was the end of summer and I'm not ready to retire my favorite wine just yet
  3. went to a Zac Brown Band concert
    it was amazing- sounded perfect as if it was on the radio except they also had full stage presence and performed some really great covers (I love covers and they make me feel comfortable because I'm from the jersey shore where cover bands reign supreme)
  4. started reading The Girls by Emma Cline
    already enthralled but haven't dedicated the time it deserves
  5. managed to work too much
    despite having Monday off and leaving early two days.
  6. edited
    a novel I've been writing for six years on and off and probably will never finish
  7. attended Broadway week
    and was the only young person in a sea of white hair at An American in Paris
  8. wrote my first list for!
    hopefully first of many- I've been too shy to post before, but have been trolling surprising, delightful lists for months