Fireworks on a Weekday

Or as some would call this, "Independence Day" or the "Fourth of July" 😁 (sorry I thought I published this yesterday!)
  1. The same group of houses have been lighting their loudest fireworks for at least two hours
  2. They keep making car alarms go off
  3. How much money are y'all spending on these damn fire sticks
  4. Why is this legal??
  5. When did sparklers and poppers become not enough??
  6. Honestly these loud noises give this nervous little snowflake the jitters
  7. I'm sorry does no one work in the morning??? Am I just that crabby old lady now???
  8. Yeah they're "pretty" but so are models and we don't light their butts on fire
  9. Anyways enjoy your 4th everybody exercise dat freedom to light off your loud AF death rockets 🇱🇷