@mindy was in town yesterday and me and my BFF @hennyfairquesadilla went on a quest to find her 🏃
  1. We were @ a bookstore when...
    1⃣ We learned that Mindy was @ the Wynn after she posted a photo in the lobby of her and Azis Ansari.
  2. The Walk
    2⃣ We did our first walk around the casino/hotel and ended up all the way over @ the encore. Even though we are OG Las Vegas residents, we had to look @ a map to figure out where the heck we were.
  4. Stuff Mindz Would Wear
    4⃣ We passed by Chanel, Chloe, Manolo Blahnik, and other designer stores we cannot afford and pointed out stuff we thought she would wear. This included tweed jackets, big sunglasses, mod dresses, and blinged out jeans.
  5. Social Status Updates
    5⃣ We did "social status updates" about every 10 minutes or every time one of us started getting sad. This included checking hers, Azis', and her writer's Instagrams and Twitters for any Easter eggs detailing where she could be.
  6. False Alarms
    6⃣ We saw far too many ladies with short brown hair...
  7. Fake People and Still No Mindz
    7⃣ We stopped by a fancy restaurant we thought she might eat at and got entranced for about 10 minutes staring at a waterfall with a statue in the water trying to figure out if he was real or not/if he was why he was in the water/the only one in the water/not moving/I think we are freaking out those Asian tourists.
  8. Silliness at Its Finest
    8⃣ After some more walking and several "this is getting annoying now, Mindz" comments, Jenn was doing a social status update on Instagram WHEN SHE CHECKED OUT PICTURES WITH MINDY TAGGED IN THEM (something we hadn't even thought about doing!!) AND FOUND A VIDEO OF HER AND AZIS FROM ABOUT 4 HOURS EARLIER MAKING CUTE JOKES AND BEING TOTES ADORBZ. REMEMBER HOW I SAID NOT GOING DOWN THAT HALLWAY WAS A DIRE MISTAKE?! TURNS OUT THAT'S WHERE SHE HAD BEEN. AND WE HAD DECIDED NOT TO WALK DOWN THERE.
  9. Sneaking into Fancy Conferences
    9⃣ After getting over our initial frustrations, we booked it towards that hallway and found the conference room they had been speaking in. Chairs, tables, and booths were being broken down. We walked in and sat at a couch next to a table with several different kinds of charging chords on it which was pretty dope. We then saw a girl with Mindy's and Azis' books in hand walking about like she was waiting for something (PERHAPS THEM?!). We followed her around for a little bit but to no avail. 😭
  10. Free Food Pt. 1
    🔟 At this point we were pretty sleepy and hungry, so after some Darth Vader impressions using some plastic cups courtesy of the Wynn, we sprawled out on a fancy couch and contemplated. We decided to send a DM to Mindy's IG as a last ditch effort when a small dude named HM (like the store!!) who works for the convention offers us free food. He gives us some protein bars and fancy chocolates that are paired with specific types of wine. This would perhaps be our proudest moment of the night.
  11. Free Food Pt. 2
    1⃣1⃣ We thanked him and ten minutes later he comes back and we are still in our same spot. He asks us again if we want more free food, and of course we say yes! He tells us we have to walk with him though because he was going to give us a lot. We end up with a box full of chocolates in minion and TMNT form, popcorn, sour candies, Pocky, and candy pizzas. We thank him profusely and joke about sending Mindy a picture of our food so she will come see us.
  12. Acceptance
    1⃣2⃣ With our free food in hand and sleepiness in our eyes, we finally decide to leave. We find out from Twitter that she may have been in a spa all day, and later from Instagram that she is either (these were just educated guesses) A) at a show, B) in a party bus or C) in a limo. Our hearts were heavy but we were content because ultimately Mindy brought us a long workout, lots of laughing, and best of all, free food. Thank you Mindz 💕