(The party don't start till we walk in.)
  1. You see Dutch Blitz cards strewn about
  2. You hear a random number being shouted... Followed by "WHOSE?!"
  3. You hear bad puns followed by loud laughter
  4. Komielle-the-Squad-mobile is parked outside
  5. You hear incessant references to a Felicia even if no one in the room is named Felicia
  6. All the sentences you overhear start with "I don't know if you know this, but..." or "Even I..."
  7. Everyone is eating turnovers
  8. You hear four adults belting out Disney music
  9. You hear a strange language being spoken that vaguely sounds like the Sims
  10. The terms "Wheat Queen" and "Pig Farmer's Wife" are used interchangeably
  11. But most of all, you feel the unmistakeable aura of open-mindedness, affection, and mutual respect