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First in a series of lists on the challenges of being a nurse
  1. Mon - *sighhhh* OK I can do this!
  2. Tues- omg I can't believe I'm doing this
  3. Wed - Hump Day! crap, never mind
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  1. Hobby Lobby - probably took exactly 10 seconds to think up, plus the owners are a bunch of intolerant jerks (doesn't have anything to do with the name but worth mentioning)
  2. Stor-U-Self - a local storage company. Grammar flies out the window.
  3. Price Chopper - a grocery chain. Their logo is an axe hacking through a coin, which is too literal and also vaguely unsettling
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  1. She made me a first time Mom
  2. Her relentless creative spirit
  3. A genuine good person and friend
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Inspired by my daughters list
  1. Framed pixies poster in my bedroom
  2. Giant CocaCola button at the top of my stairs
  3. Vintage portrait of a lady wearing a Girl Scout uniform hanging over my fireplace
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  1. Chicken, if it's frozen, processed fish or fish sticks
  2. Fish, if the chicken is undercooked and rubbery
  3. Chicken, if it's catfish
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