1. Hobby Lobby - probably took exactly 10 seconds to think up, plus the owners are a bunch of intolerant jerks (doesn't have anything to do with the name but worth mentioning)
  2. Stor-U-Self - a local storage company. Grammar flies out the window.
  3. Price Chopper - a grocery chain. Their logo is an axe hacking through a coin, which is too literal and also vaguely unsettling
  4. Torrid - some sort of clothing store. Rhymes with "horrid". 'Nuff said.
  5. 5-7-9 - another clothing store selling only size 5-9. Sorry, only smallish medium people allowed
  6. The Vitamin Shoppe- this is 2015 people, I think we can drop the extra "pe" at this point
  7. Dick's- *snicker* Oh come on, it crossed your mind , too!!