First in a series of lists on the challenges of being a nurse
  1. Mon - *sighhhh* OK I can do this!
  2. Tues- omg I can't believe I'm doing this
  3. Wed - Hump Day! crap, never mind
  4. Thurs - am snippy with my scheduler and then feel guilty the rest of the day
  5. Fri - TGI....shit!
  6. Sat - Family: relaxin and doing fun stuff. Me: working goddammit
  7. Sun - "at least you have a good job"..Shut up!
  8. Mon - mmmmmffmffff (stuffing face with comfort food)
  9. Tues - "we really appreciate your dedication"..SHADDUPP
  10. Wed - shoot me
  11. Thurs - feeling really really sorry for myself now
  12. Fri - whuuuuummmppp (collapsing on bed). Will try to enjoy weekend but specter of yet another 5 days of work in a row in a short 48 hours looms large