1. 10/28/2015: peace sign on ben, done in his bedroom
    I liked this boy a lot and this was the first time I ever went to his house, I messed up but he didn't mind
  2. 11/12/2015: venus symbol on myself, done on madeleine's guest bathroom floor
    i did this impulsively after ben fucked me over
  3. 11/14/2015: four boxes on michael (I did the top two, Christine did the bottom left and Chloe did the bottom right), done in his bedroom
    the four boxes represent his group of four friends aka the bathtub club
  4. 11/14/2015: circle on chloe, done in Michael's bedroom
    was going to be a Venus symbol but she didn't feel like finishing it this night
  5. 11/16/2015: heart on myself, done on Madeleine's guest bathroom floor again
    kinda fucked this one up but I love it all the same