1. Nanny for Amy Poehler's kids
    I figure she'd be really nice and let me eat mac and cheese with her kids while watching movies and she'd give me sage life advice then eventually adopt me
  2. @mindy 's assistant's assistant
    Lifestylez of the rich and famous, amirite?
  3. Girl found dead in park by Olivia Benson, Detective on Law and Order SVU
    But like an anniversary episode where Elliot Stabler comes back and is all moody and punching stuff, as per usual
  4. Stunt double for Rachel Bilson
    Someone told me I looked like her in middle school so....
  5. Any role in the future reboot of The Sound of Music
    "The Sound of Music: Back to the Streets"
  6. Person Adele buys her new flip phone from in next music video
  7. Person who helps Adele upgrade to iPhone in music video after that