1. Mom's Asleep
    The period of time in elementary school when my mom worked at night and would oversleep, forgetting to pick us up from school. The result was our school principal dropping my brother and I off at home around 4.
  2. Bloody Hell
    You guessed it.
  3. Always a team member, never a player.
    How I was always on sports teams but never played the sport. I also didn't mind it.
  4. The summer I thought I was dying.
    The summer I turned 16 I kept eye infections and cold sores. I didn't leave the house and when I did I wore sunglasses everywhere. Never saw a single friend that summer.
  5. The Terrible Awful.
    The two years after high school I spent at a community college. I went through small bouts of depression and anxiety. I had piss poor grades and hated myself.
  6. 20 is Amazing.
    I went sky diving and moved to a new city. I've never been happier.